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Just when all the news of porting Flash to the iPhone has died down, I stumbled across what appears to be an internal document diagramming how Steve Jobs intends to do just that with a product code named Flash Mini. Who knew!? Read the full story for more... ... (more)

My new project: OpenRemote

I have been studying a new industry lately, it is called Home Automation or Domotics in Europe. It is really a fancy name to describe the age old problem of "why can't my mom operate my remote". Every self respecting geek has one day felt the urge to program his or her house. Home Automation in the field is lights, AV, AC, Security. Today it is a bit of an expensive hobby, even downright elitist in some cases, but the technology is rapidly democratizing, due to Wifi, Commodity software/hardware, the iPhone and the housing crisis. What started for me as an infatuation with the iPhone as a universal remote (I built a prototype on Linux with Appcelerator to command comcast) has evolved into a full blown affair with an open community that congregates over at The community is fun. Turns out HA is one of those things like sports, you can discuss it with ... (more)

The Art of iPhone Battery Life

Some of my buddies have expressed astonishment that I get approximately thirty-six hours of standby with my iPhone, so I'm sharing my settings. Note: this is my second 3G iPhone--I returned the first one because I was getting only five hours of standby time. This is my usage screen. One thing to notice: I don't talk much on the phone--"talk is not cheap" in my book. I am totally an email/tweet centric person. This clearly contributes to my standby time. I consider my iPhone a "tinytop computer that can also send and receive phone calls" as opposed to a phone that can "do email and browse." These are my top-level settings. Wi-Fi is turned off. Push is off, and Fetch New Data is set to hourly. These are my General settings. Bluetooth and Location Services are off. These are my Network settings. 3G is off for two reasons: to extend battery life and because calls drop i... (more)

Stop Complaining about Apple and the App Store

This week there have been several stories on the blogsphere (here, here, and here, for example) which consist of developers complaining that Apple has rejected an iPhone application that they submitted to be part of the App Store in iTunes, or because they believe that the process for submitting an application is too cumbersome. At least two of these have been because Apple believes the applications would be competitive with a product or feature set that Apple already has in the iPhone. This has, in turn, devolved into a chorus of voices (Ryan Block for example) exclaiming the virtues of openness and transparency, along with opining on the evils of Apple’s terms of service for iPhone developers. To all those who are annoyed at Apple here is what I have to say to you: Get Off Your High Horse. Apple, like Facebook, Microsoft, and virtually every other major software ... (more)

Android’s SugarTrip Takes A New Approach To Dodging Street Traffic

With the impending release of the first phone to feature Google’s Android platfrom, we’re beginning to see a few of the first apps that will be available through Google’s Android Market. Among these is SugarTrip, an application that takes an innovative approach to measuring street traffic by taking advantage of the GPS units that will be integrated into most Android phones. As users drive their cars, SugarTrip will measure how quickly they’re traveling and report their speeds back to a central server. The company says that while the traffic updates available on sites like Google Maps do an acceptable job, they are only useful on interstate highways and rely on computer models based on only a few datapoints. Conversely SugarTrip will be able to provide data on far more streets with many more data points (assuming the application can establish a significant user bas... (more)

Metacafe Bets Its Future On The Power Of Wikis

Remember Metacafe? That’s right, the video entertainment site which got overshadowed by YouTube’s phenomenal rise? Well, it’s now making a huge gamble on a new product direction and doing so with zero guarantees. The gamble is WikiCafe, a collaborative editing approach for video metadata. To appreciate how important WikiCafe is to Metacafe just take a look at the company’s official R&D resource usage: 60% WikiCafe, 30% revenue generating opportunities, 10% everything else. That says it all. I spent a few hours with Eyal Hertzog, the company’s co-founder and Chief Creative Officer who walked me through the company’s new product vision and the rationale for its big bet on the wiki approach to organizing videos. Hertzog was frustrated that users (he being among them) couldn’t just locate “THE” result when searching for a video. His definition of “THE” being a single v... (more)

H.264 on iPhone...waiting for Flash Player

During the last Flash On The Beach event, Adobe confirmed to be working at the porting of the Flash Player on the iPhone platform. Waiting for this to be reality and hoping for the support of H.264 codec, I'm experimenting new encoding optimizations for the iPhone... ... (more)

How to Cut & Paste from a PowerPoint Doc to Word on an iPhone

Chris Fleck's Blog Since there was not many new exciting iPhone demos at the MacWorld Keynote, we decided to release some of our own. Check out Cut & Paste from a real PowerPoint doc to Word. It works with Citrix! Let us know what you think of the file navigation application as well. Nothing to announce regarding release date...but we are making good progress. In the mean time chat with the developers over in the iPhone project site. ... (more)

Stanford Students Release A Cool Batch Of iPhone Apps

Students from Stanford’s Fall 1008 iPhone class CS193P created a nice crop of apps that are now available or will be soon for the iPhone (see our Stanford Facebook apps posts here and here). A list of them is here, and some of them I’m going to keep on my phone. My favorite is iDiscover, which gives you random content you think will be interesting (text, videos, apps). You rate them and it teaches the app to refine what it sends you in the future. It’s a sort of StumbleUpon for the iPhone, and its addicting. iDiscover is free. Air Guitar, a $1.99 app, looks like it might be another winner but I’m having issues downloading it. Among the yet-to-be-approved apps, Site Saver looks like a useful way to store web content locally. I tend to take a screen shot of whatever I’m looking at, but this looks like a better solution if it saves the whole web page rather than just w... (more)

He Said/She said: Flash Not Coming to iPhone

So now PC World is reporting that Flash won't be coming to the iPhone because: "It's a hard technical challenge, and that's part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating," [Adobe CEO Shantanu] Narayen told Bloomberg Television at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver." ... (more)

Chris Fleck Launches "iPhone for Business" Magazine on

Chris Fleck launched today "iPhone for Business" magazine on Chris Fleck is Vice President of Solutions Development and Community Evangelism at Citrix Systems. Chris started his career at IBM working across multiple engineering and product organizations leading to Business Unit Exec of the IBM Industrial Computer Group. As a pioneer of new technologies, Chris founded an IBM spin-off to commercialize the initial Server Blade products as CEO of OmniCluster Technologies. At Citrix Chris is responsible for the Developer Network, solutions development as well as community evangelism. As part of the Citrix CTO Office he is also involved with or leading multiple strategic initiatives at the company. Currently his hot topics include Mobility, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Computing. You can follow his blog at What makes iPhone a great busines... (more)