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Any Enterprise iOS application should feature some important features. Firstly Security, so encrypt your users application data on the device and that is in addition to any other Device Management & Security that you should be using. Check out Afaria which uses Apple's MDM. Secondly support for Mobile Working, that will work in both off-line and on-line modes, even though connectivity is getting better and better, there will always be the chance of a 'dead-zone'. Finally Integration with existing 'legacy' back office systems, extending existing Enterprise Applications into the Mobile world. Last year I asked myself, What is available for iOS devices in the world of Enterprise Data Synchronization? So to investigate the issue I spoke to an expert friend of mine with years of iPhone development,  and before that core Objective-C. My scenario went like this... I want... (more)

HTML5 or Flex Framework

More than a year passed since Adobe decided to stop supporting Flex framework and gave it away to Apache Foundation. This writeup is based on the conversation I had with my colleague Anatole Tartakovsky in January of 2013. In this conversation I’ve been representing the HTML5 community while Anatole fought for Flex framework. I’m trying to find arguments against using FLex framework even though I believe that it remains the best and the most production way for developing Web applications. I’ll be just playing devil’s advocate here. Anatole also believes that Flex is the best framework available today, but in our company we often argue about the tools to use for various projects. We hope that Web developers find this conversation useful and thought provoking. Yakov. If you read this blog, most likely you know about our company, Farata Systems. Our engineers work on ... (more)

Business Web

At Mobile World Congress last week in Barcelona, I had the great fortune to interview... Jason Yotopoulos, Head of Research, SAP In this interview I find out... What is SAP Research’s vision of enterprise computing in the future What is the concept of Business Web What makes the Business Web different from other initiatives in the evolving “mobile cloud” market What does Business Web offer to telco companies such as operators, integrators etc. What could be the benefits for the enterprise customers Check out my interview here Please follow me on Twitter @ithain ... (more)

Enterprise Complexity to Mobile Simplexity

A few days ago a number of tweets caught my eye. Both appeared fortuitously within a minute of each other. Separately they were powerful in their own rights but together they made me think and reaffirmed my thoughts about Mobile UX/Design and how Mobile Apps should relate to the Enterprise. The first pointed to an article where basically it states that... "Mobile does not reward feature richness. It rewards small, application specific, feature light services." An interesting thought with respect to application scope and totally correct. In your company the MIC or Mobile Innovation Council should be concentrating on getting correct first time their ADS or Application Definition Statement, which sums up the core reason for the creation of the Mobile App. The second was from my friends at  FutureNavigator in Denmark. See .It is all about Complexity... (more)

Integrate #Blockchain into Business | @CloudExpo #IoT #AI #FinTech #Bitcoin

Beyond Bitcoin: How Enterprises Can Integrate Blockchain into Business By Kristy Blackmon In 2016, blockchain technology came close to hitting its peak on Gartner's annual Hype Cycle, signaling an imminent shift from an emerging, theoretical technology to widespread adoption. Like cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) before it, blockchain is the tech industry's latest Next Big Thing. Analysts and industry experts say it holds immense potential for organizations, but many business leaders don't yet see a practical application for their operations. While a lot of people know blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, what about enterprise applications in other industries? What exactly is blockchain? The code that makes up blockchain is incredibly complex, and only a few thousand people understand it. On a high level... (more)

A Look Into the iPhone Crystal Ball?

As someone very interested in the iPhone device as well as development, and who is eager to see what may come this year, I came across the thoughts and ideas of Matt Brady You can also see some fun concepts at 9to5Mac Its is rumored that we may see something new with respect to the iPhone around June... Check out the Unofficial Apple Weblog Ahh but if only! ... (more)

Adobe Unveils LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5

Adobe on Monday announced the availability of Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 2.5 (ES2.5), expanding the company’s set of solutions for delivering superior customer experiences. New capabilities in LiveCycle ES2.5 include enterprise mobility for improved multiscreen delivery of applications, an enhanced framework for building enterprise rich Internet applications (RIAs), and real-time collaboration to empower organizations to interact with customers and citizens in more meaningful, personal ways. Adobe is also announcing three next-generation Solution Accelerators to reduce development time and increase quality of enterprise applications. LiveCycle Mobile ES2 Client (Photo: Business Wire) Improving Customer Experience One Customer at a Time For organizations with complex multi-channel or multi-device customer contact requirements, IT systems are challenged to keep... (more)

Dell Folds its Mobile Unit

Dell's mobile device chief Ron Garriques, the guy Dell hired in 2007 after he didn't cut it at Motorola, is leaving the company effective January 28 although he's supposed to consult for the next year. Dell has reorganized his year-old Communications Solutions Group out of existence, spreading its tablets like the poorly received Android-based Streak, phones like its Aero and Venue Pro and laptops like the pricey Adamo around its primary business groups: large enterprises, government, SMBs and consumer. Development of any next-generation widgets will move under Jeff Clarke, who's responsible for PC engineering, design and development as well as manufacturing, procurement and supply chain. The Wall Street Journal figures it means Dell continues to have turnaround issues and trouble breaking out of it old mold of selling computers to business. Dell told the SEC Gar... (more)

Consolidated Database Creation

Though the title of this article is about the Consolidated Database, I will be discussing equally the Remote database. But before let me recap on Synchronization... Synchronization is the sharing of data between consolidated and remote databases, where a summary of changes are synchronized instead of all changes. The Synchronization process can provide subsets of data defined by client or server and supports Bidirectional and unidirectional synchronization, with the guarantee of data consistency. Data is downloaded to the remote database and Data is uploaded to the consolidated database. For uploads change tracking is built into the remote database/client and ONLY changes since the last complete synchronization are sent. Download data is selected from the consolidated database based on synchronization scripts. With SUP these scripts are created automatically but ... (more)

On the Eve of the Next iPad Gold Rush

Here we are on the eve before of what will definitely be the next iPad Gold Rush... the iPad2. I expect to see this in the media, in various ways. Already I have been spotting articles of some dedicated folks staking claim, to the first place in line, at some Apple Stores and I expect to see more join them tonight/tomorrow. What is sure, is that launch day will see critical mass, especially as this time pre-ordering has not been possible. I am wondering if this is Apple's wayof making sure that the amount of interest is translated to the expected large lines and therefore can easily be measurable, reported on by the media and marketed by Apples PR machine? This is in comparison to the rather invisible shipments arriving at potential iPad2 owners front doors. What we will also see tomorrow March 11, will be the inevitable and gratuitous 'Can it Blend?' - Sorry guys... (more)

The Mobile Business Object... Your Mobile Way Forward

Today's Real Time Enterprise is mobility

 and it is my belief that if you as an enterprise are not either starting or have plans for developing mobile apps, that give you massive competitive advantages, then your competitors will be and you are going to be left in the starting blocks... but enough evangelizing ;-). As you probably know the Mobile Business Object (MBO) is at the heart of Sybase's UnWired Platform, which is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform used in turn as part of the SAP Mobility Platform. Once defined the MBO can be used in Native (such as iOS) as well as Hybrid Web Container Applications. It can be described in four points Defines the data you want to use from your backend system and exposes it to be used for your mobile application /workflow Created using our simple, graphical tooling inside the Eclipse development environment Re-usable, ... (more)